Corporate (Re)Structuring

INCVRIA is a leading firm for corporate structuring in the EU, based in the Netherlands and the UK. Apart from company formation services, we provide specialized knowledge on Dutch, UK, Swiss, European and international corporate and tax structuring and implementation. In addition to this we offer corporate housekeeping services. Our clients are accounting and law firms, companies and private investors.

Our tax assessments are used in the following situations:

  • Corporate structuring;
  • International restructuring;
  • Partnership/LLP issues;
  • Ownership structures;
  • Licensing and technology transfers;
  • Assessment of risk in tax matters involving cross-border situations;
  • VAT planning;
  • Transfer Pricing compliance;
  • Second opinions;
  • Tax Litigation.

Cross-Border Tax Expertise

Our tax opinions are often instrumental in cross-border situations in light of recent international developments (BEPS, Brexit, etc). We offer in depth knowledge of the applicable rules, literature and case law. In complicated disputes with tax authorities we are able to be of assistance.

Our expertise covers:

  • Company Formation;
  • Formation of Limited Partnerships;
  • Bank introduction;
  • Corporate tax and income tax;
  • Shareholders' and JV Agreements;
  • Taxation of trusts and special puposes vehicles;
  • Double tax treaties;
  • Real estate;
  • Administrative penalties;
  • International Tax;
  • EU Tax.

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