Corporate (Re)Structuring and Tax Advisory

We maintain an international practice committed to delivering quality in Corporate, Commercial, and Tax Advisory services. We assist organisations and individuals create the value they are looking for. We are a network of firms operating in 5 European countries. We offer clients a comprehensive range of services, mainly in the field of International Corporate Reorganizations to achieve efficiency, cost savings and enhanced shareholder value. As a boutique firm we specialize in structuring intellectual property (IP) transactions and creating - domestic and foreign - IP Holding Companies and subsidiary structures in OECD Countries to maximize tax benefits and create more value from intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Holding Companies

International Company Taxation is a dynamic area where advanced planning is crucial to optimizing results and minimizing adverse consequences. Key areas on which we advise clients are Double Taxation Agreements, EU Directives, Transfer Pricing (TP) strategies and cost sharing arrangements with respect to (transfers of) IP. We have extensive knowledge of these complex areas and are able to minimize the incidences of withholding taxes. We represent clients in Tax Audit and Tax Litigation.

Our organisation

“INCVRIA” is the brand under which dedicated professionals, now based in the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, work together to provide Corporate, Commercial, and Tax Advisory services to select clients. We are able to draw upon a global network of foreign correspondence lawyers and tax consultants. We work closely together with local and non-domestic financial institutions.

Our firms are members of a Swiss based Verein, INCVRIA International. INCVRIA International and each member firm are legally separate and independent entities, and do not obligate each other. INCVRIA International and each member firm are liable only for their own acts and omissions. INCVRIA International does not provide services to clients.

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